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a black legged tick on a long island property

The Trick To Keeping Ticks Away From Your Long Island Property

July 15, 2021

Most pests that bite will do so quickly—and then run away. This is seen with mosquitoes, bed bugs, and fleas. Ticks are a bit different. These small parasitic arachnids settle in for the long haul when they bite a person. If you do not want these pests stealing your blood, learn a few tips and tricks to keep them off your Long Island property.... Read More

raccoons by a house

Is It Dangerous To Have Raccoons On My Suffolk County Property?

March 17, 2021

Would you keep a raccoon as a pet? Many people have considered it. Despite the many problems these nighttime bandits cause, raccoons have proven to be intelligent and friendly when raised right. It is only by their wild nature and naturally sneaky tendencies that these animals become problematic pests around properties.... Read More

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